Day Trips To Do In Colorado Part 1.

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I host this cool travel podcast. If you’re joining me for the first time then thanks a bunch for listening.

On today’s episode, I’ll be chatting to my pal Chris Curran who started the Podcast Engineering School an online school to learn the ins and outs of podcast engineering and he’s also the host of the Podcast Engineering Show, which I listen to religiously.

Today though, I’ll be chatting to Chris about cool day trips to do in Colorado, some hiking that he’s done and some other travel within the state of Colorado.

So, sit back and enjoy part one of our conversation.

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All pictures below are taken by Chris from Podcast Engineering School from left to right, Chris at Blue Mesa Reservoir, then some super cool sheep or goats at Mt. Evans, Chris hiking somewhere in Colorado, famous Pikes Peak where the hill climb takes place, and Mt. Bierstadt, where Chris had that hairy situation.

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