Covid-19 And Where To From Here – Special Episode

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I host this cool travel podcast. If you’re joining me for the first time then I say thank you for listening.

On today’s awesome episode, well not so awesome episode, I’ll be joined by my guest co-host Rob from Trip Hacks DC to talk about Covid-19 and how it will affect your travel and what to do now.

Covid-19, where do I start? This virus has maybe crippled the travel and tourism industry indefinitely. My guest co-host Rob from Trip Hacks DC and I talk about how Covid-19 affects you and your travel plans for 2020 and beyond.

Rob and I had an interesting chat about Covid-19. It was a great and spontaneous special episode to put out. Everything you need to know about Covid-19 and travel is talked about in this episode. We both hope you enjoy listening to it.

So, sit back and enjoy the podcast!

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