Travelling the World with Aviation Geek Paul Papadimitriou Host of Layovers Podcast, Part 1.

Listen to the podcast here via Player FM.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I host this cool travel podcast. If you’re joining me for the first time then I say thank you for listening.

On today’s awesome episode, I’ll be chatting to Paul Papadimitriou who co-host’s the very popular aviation podcast Layovers, which also features my mate Alex Hunter who’s the other co-host. Paul is a Keynote Speaker, futurist, business man and loves aviation.

So, sit back and listen to Part 1. of Paul and I chat about his love of aviation and travel.

Timestamps Part 1:

Intro to the show

A bit of weather talk and Australian bushfires

3:58 – Layovers Podcast with Paul Papadimitriou and how it started

8:32 – Paul enjoys the experience of travel and loves Melbourne’s coffee culture the best!

13:46 – Walking through a forest, the brain, body, soul reset and Paul’s multiple personalities, woops I mean nationalities

17:36 – Has Manila, Philippines got mushrooms? Manila is a place to go to mini travel guide to Manila

30:35 – Tokyo is a crazy place and so much fun

34:10 – Walking around different cities and getting lost is great

43:08 – Cathay Pacific, Alex Hunter’s connection to me and Paul’searliest childhood memory

49:50 – Paul’s love of aviation, the planes he likes, airplane chat edited up to 1:07:38

Outro to the show

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