An American In Vietnam With Steve From Thinking Sideways Podcast

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I host this cool little travel podcast. On today’s episode, I’ll be talking to Steve who’s originally one of the three co-hosts of Thinking Sideways podcast.

I still remember an episode I heard featuring a grisly murder in Italy while my wife Mandy and I were driving from Miami’s South Beach all the way down to Key West, in Florida, 3.5 hours later.

I was saddened when Thinking Sideways crew had decided to finish making podcasts because it would be too difficult to keep recording episodes as Steve was making his big move to Vietnam.

I’m interested in Steve’s journey to Vietnam and that’s why I have him on the podcast today.

Just letting you know that at the time of the recording Steve and I had a bad connection, maybe it was the torrential downpour that Vietnam was having as we spoke….

So, sit back and enjoy the conversation I had with Steve.


Intro to the show

1:52 – How did Steve end up in Vietnam and leaving the USA and expats in Vietnam

8:21 – Bugs in the water, food chat

15:18 – Steve’s view on Vietnamese history

16:54 – Hanoi’s French Quarter

18:30 – Vietnam War, American War what’s the difference, Vietnamese don’t care about it…

21:54 – Travelling around Vietnam, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau District, Hue, Da Nang

22:49 – Ninh Binh, looks like Ha Long Bay but isn’t, it’s not in the water

25:36 – Have you been to Chin Moo Pagoda N’hue (Thien Mu Pagoda Hue is what I meant) Perfume River

27:26 – Hoan Kiem Lake looks nice (Hon Key M Lake is how to pronounce it), Hanoi

28:53 – Embracing foreigners in Vietnam and getting a Grab and learning the language

35:21 – Have you heard the expression “Beg Packer”?

37:15 – Steve’s favourite places in Vietnam, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Sa Pa Terraces, Mui Ne and the Mekong Delta

43:00 – Best food and drink to have in Vietnam

45:12 – Vietnam’s beautiful scenery

49:15 – Are you staying permanently in Vietnam? And bringing your cat to Vietnam

54:28 – Thinking Sideways podcast questions that all fans would love to hear

56:37 – Thinking Sideways favourite episodes, Lake City Quiet Pills, Benedict Daniels Cave Diver, and D. B. Cooper, which they never covered I found out… Poor D. B. Cooper… hilarity ensues… Joe wishes he had covered D. B. Cooper

1:04:35 – Mr. Cruel the Beaumont Children, we can’t work it out… I tell a little story about Mr. Cruel, Thinking Sideways did cover Mr. Cruel link below

1:08:30 – Steve’s cool artwork and some other chatter

1:13:22 – The final questions. If you could travel anywhere in the world now, where would you like to be? What would you be eating or drinking? What’s your favourite country and city

Outro to the show

Additional Information:

Steve’s Twitter: @howstevesees

Steve’s Instagram: @howsteveseestheworld

Thinking Sideways:

Touropia Top 25 Tourist Attractions:

Mr. Cruel episode Thinking Sideways:

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Travelman Podcast Website:

Below are some great pictures that Steve has taken whilst in Vietnam, enjoy.

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