The Guy That Left Hawaii Till Last, Part 1.

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I’ll be your travel buddy, I hope you’re doing fine and have a trip on the horizon, if you’re new, well hello and thanks for joining me!!!

Today I have a great podcast lined up for you. It features a really cool and interesting guy I met in DTLA last year by the name of Joel. He’s a Theatre Critic for the OC Weekly.

We met while eating some delicious food at Grand Central Market, I think the place was called Prawn Coastal, he was drinking a beer, I was drinking a beer, as all Californians go they’re welcoming and nice to chat to.

We started talking about travel and he told me that he was going to Hawaii the following week and that would mean he had ticked off every state in the US of A. That’s no mean feat!

So, sit back and hear Joel’s reasoning and logic behind leaving the great state of Hawaii till last and how he managed to conquer all 50 states of America.

There’s a language warning on this episode also as Joel has a bit of a potty mouth and I didn’t want to spend hours editing out the word f*#% and whatever else may slip out of his mouth!!!!

Also, this is a two-parter. Be sure to listen to part 2 in a few week’s time!

Timestamps Part 1:

Intro to the show

3:42 – Best three states in the USA

6:45 – One great thing in three states

12:56 – Best food, New Orleans, Louisiana and Halloween

19:11 – What state has the best beer? Craft beer revolution

23:04 – The Don and his golf course (Trump National), fun, charismatic and full of shit

27:29 – Pennsylvania, the Amish and the Mennonites

28:32 – Favourite state (California) and least favourite state (Kansas)

31:58 – Seeing the Capital Cities that are mostly bland except for Austin

33:11 – Reciting the 50 states of the USA, Maine is intriguing

43:21 – Travelling with a Donald Duck PEZ dispenser story

45:18 – Talking about the Florida Keys and the Everglades

49:00 – Outro to the show, I hope you enjoyed the podcast

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Joel Beers on Twitter: @jobeers

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