Top Ten Observation Decks

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Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, I’m your travel buddy host Ben and on today’s episode I’ll be looking at the top 10 observation decks/viewing platforms, 80% are buildings. There’s so many observation decks and viewing platforms that I haven’t visited yet. Whenever I’m at the top looking down I get scared, this is half the fun as I do enjoy the amazing vista’s cos that’s it’s all about.

Come with me as I share my memories of journeying to the top of the tallest towers and the highest points on Earth to view the most amazing scenery. Everything looks better from above!

So, sit back and enjoy the podcast.


Intro to the show

1:35 – Queenstown Gondola Ride (10)

4:43 – Eureka Tower (9)

8:35 – Empire State Building (8)

12:00 – Scenic World (7)

14:58 – Eiffel Tower (6)

20:10 – Petronas Towers (5)

22:41 – Panorama Langkawi (4)

25:52 – Taipei 101 (3)

28:58 – Lotte World Tower (2)

34:24 – Tokyo Skytree (1)

Additional Information on observation decks that I visited.

10. Queenstown Gondola Ride:

9. Eureka Tower:

8. Empire State Building:

7. Scenic World, Blue Mountains:

6. Eiffel Tower Tickets:

5. Petronas Towers:

4. Panorama Langkawi:

3. Taipei 101:

2. Lotte World Tower:

1. Tokyo Skytree:

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