12 More Reasons To Travel To Australia

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Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, I’m your host Ben thank you for coming aboard again and if you’re new to the podcast plane and you’re joining me for the first time, well then hello and thank you for listening. You’ll be in seat 57A for your imaginary flight today.

On today’s podcast, I was live on YouTube with Chris Raney my San Diegan mate from Yellow Productions. We did this livestream around two weeks ago on 12 more reasons to travel to Australia. This is our second live stream on our Australia series.

So, sit back and enjoy our conversation on Australia.


Intro to the show

2:30 – Reason 1, Sydney Harbour – Sydney Harbour is a great place to visit. Visit the Sydney Opera House, I love it, it’s close to the Rocks and Circular Quay and there’s an amazing view of the Sydney Harbour, and the Bridge. Also, spend some time in the botanical garden nearby. I spent a year there as a Sydneysider. I was a teenager back then but oh how much fun it was. Sydney is the prettiest city in Australia.

5:18 – Reason 2, Reasonably Price – Australia isn’t too expensive. But, housing… just kidding.

18:10 – Reason 3, Botanical Gardens! – The botanical gardens in Australia are beautiful. They’re close to the city and made for people to enjoy and walk around in it to get out of the city rush. It’s great to get out into nature.

25:33 – Reason 4, Great Barrier Reef – One of the seven natural wonders of the world,

30:30 – Reason 5, Australian Food – We have diverse food in Australia, but what’s really Australian food, meat pies? Shrimp on the Barbi? Nope, probably not.

37:22 – Reason 6, Beer – We have all types of beers brewed here in the land of Oz. From commercially brewed beers brewed for the masses or the best craft beer in the world. You need great water for that and Australia has great water!

41:04: – Reason 7, Wineries – Australia has some of the best wineries in the world, from the Yarra Valley to the Clare Valley to Margaret River. Australia produces wine in every state and territory bar the Northern Territory.

47:36 – Reason 8, Coffee – I enjoy coffee so much. Melbourne is well known for its coffee. You’ll find it very hard to find a bad coffee here. You can get good coffee in most of Australia, but the best is in Melbourne and maybe Sydney.

48:36 – Reason 9, Great Zoos – Australia has some super Zoos to enjoy, we have a range of open range Zoos, Suburban Zoos and Zoos where crocodiles reign supreme!

55:40 – Reason 10, Tropical Forests, and even skiing! – From the far northern reaches of Australia there is tropical forests that adorn the land, far south you’ll find bushland that is covered in snow in the winter. In the middle, there is sand. Australia is fascinating.

57:28 – Reason 11, Close to New Zealand – Our proximity to New Zealand makes New Zealand and Australia the best of buddies. New Zealand is a great place to travel to. If you’re in Australia and you didn’t even realise that New Zealand was on our door step then book yourself a ticket and get to this wonderful place.

58:48 – Reason 12, For the Australians! – Yes, we’re a jolly bunch of blokes and Sheila’s, we’re a hospitable bunch with wide open and welcoming arms. Visit Australia. It’s waiting for you.

Outro comments:

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. I hope to do many more live streams with Chris in the future.

If the audio sounded a bit choppy it was because we were live online and to have a stable connection running through the Pacific Ocean is pretty tough. Also, if you haven’t visited the new website yet it’s live and at travelmanpodcast.com

See you on the next podcast.

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