Bali Travel Guide: The Insiders Edition (What The Travel Bloggers Don’t Tell You)

Listen to the podcast here.

Today, I have my Indonesian friend Mona on the podcast, Mona is joining me to chat about Bali, she’s a local who knows the ins and outs of this beautiful tropical island paradise that many Aussies venture to each and every year!

She’ll give us a locals view on Bali as well as some insider information and what to do and see and eat in Bali.

So, Mona, how are you today? Before we start the podcast I just want to make sure that you enjoyed your time here in Melbourne?

Mona was so lovely on the podcast. What a great episode!


Intro to the show

2:19 – Living in Bali a tropical paradise

4:05 – Best beaches in Bali

9:00 – Best hiking and walking tracks in Bali

11:42 – Best beach clubs in Bali

18:18 – Most popular areas in Bali and places you should visit as a tourist

19:58 – The best islands to travel to from Bali

24:45 – What’s the perfect amount of time to spend in Bali

27:20 – Best food to try in Bali and how to not get sick!

37:55 – Denpasar Airport and how to avoid the taxi guys and apps that you should download!

44:45 – Things in Bali that are unknown to the average tourist like a sacred tree with decomposing bodies that surround it….

48:30 – Denpasar?

49:20 – Final question, how could I forget about the rice terraces and waterfalls? And the Bali swing. That sounds like an Instagramable pic!

Outro to the show

Additional Information:

Azul Beach Club, Bali website:

Cacoon Beach Club, Bali website:

Potato Head Beach Club, Bali website:

Sundays Beach Club, Bali website:

Alila Beach Club, Bali website:

Omnia Beach Club, Bali website:

Mrs. Sippy Beach Club, Bali website:

Naughty Nuri’s website:

Bumbu Bali website:

Gojek App website:

Grab App website:

Mona’s Instagram: @monamonaco

You can contact me at

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Photos from Bali, the first two are Mona’s photos. Last photo is of my creamy chocolate drink that I had at Azul Beach Club. #Azulbeachclub

This was my drink of choice at the Azul beach club in Bali!

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