My Top Ten Food Travel Experiences

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Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, on today’s podcast I’ll be chatting about some pretty unbelievable food experiences that I’ve had while travelling abroad and around Australia.

I’ve got ten experiences that I want to highlight today. Luckily, I have my lovely wife Mandy on the podcast to reminisce with me on my favourite food experiences. She’ll also talk about some experiences that she’s had also.

We could’ve probably listed more than 10 experiences. If I can think of more I’ll do a follow up podcast. I hope you enjoy the podcast!


Intro to the show

2:58 – A long hair in Hvar, Croatia and $42 for a few drinks in Stockholm Sweden

10:52 – Eating some delicious venison at Spoon Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary

14:48 – Having a food experience at Roi’s in Victoria, Australia

17:27 – Buca Mario’s amazing wild boar dish in Florence, Italy

21:25 – A restaurant in Venice, Italy. Salted fish anyone?

26:55 – Trying squid ink risotto for the first time in Dubrovnik, Croatia

32:14 – Croissants, baguette sandwiches and a lovely stroll through Paris, France

36:09 – Eating at Le Relais de Venise for the first time with my cousin in Paris, France

40:14 – Bumbu Bali cooks for us some delicious Indonesian food in Bali, Indonesia

43:14 – Devouring savoury pancakes with my Uncle and Aunt in Normandy, France

46:54 – Trying Greek salad and grilled halloumi cheese in Athens, Greece

Additional Information:

Spoon restaurant, Budapest info:

Roi’s Diner, Tawonga South info: 177 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South, Mount Beauty. There’s no website.

Buca Mario restaurant, Florence info:

Le Relais de Venise, Paris info:

Bumbu Bali, Indonesia info:

Amalia Hotel Athens info:

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