Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast! I hope everyone is feeling great today and if you’re like me and you’re from Southern Hemisphere then all you probably want is to see winter done and dusted.

So, join me for a very appropriate podcast as I’m bringing spring a few weeks forward and I’ll be discussing cherry blossoms in Japan with my brother Patrick. He’s a guy that knows a lot about Japan, and maybe not so much about blossoms although he always loves seeing all the flowering trees, he’s not much of a green thumb.

I loved hearing his story about when Pat and his lovely wife Zoe went Go-karting around Toyko and Zoe accidently bumped into some Korean guys!


Intro to the show

2:01 – Talking cherry blossoms with Pat

20:10 – The Maricar incident (Go Karting the streets of Japan)

Additional Information:

Cherry Blossom’s in Japan info:

Japan travel info:

Villa Fontaine info:

Shinkansen info:

Osaka Castle info:

Hiroshima Castle info:

Shukkein Atomic Bomb Victims Memorial info:

Nara Deer Park info:

Nunobiki Herb Garden info:

Maricar info:

Patrick’s Twitter: @patrickadownes

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