Introcast! An Introduction To The Travelman Podcast

Listen to the podcast here.

Welcome traveller, here take a seat. You look thirsty, and somewhat malnourished, where have you been? Let me get you a glass of my finest ale and maybe something hearty to eat. Relax, I’ll be right back and then we’ll have a chat.

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, with your host Ben. I hope in the coming months and years we can become quite accustomed to each other. I wish to share with you all my travel experiences and those of some special guests you’ll meet along the way. From my little desk in Melbourne to the backstreets of LA. Taking off to Paris or walking through a rainforest. I tried to rhyme that as you could see.

We’ll share our collective travel experiences and I’ll give you quirky facts and travel advice to help you on journey traveller. Please join me regularly. Keep an ear out for all the upcoming episodes. Sit back and enjoy. Oh… and here’s that ale I said I’d bring you and a hearty stew to go with it…. See you on the Travelman Podcast!

Have a listen to the podcast on iTunes. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and give me 5 stars if you enjoyed the it. You can even listen to it at my home in Libsyn. Above are all the links to the podcast. You can download any podcast app to listen to the podcast! Enjoy and I’ll hear from you soon! Ben.

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That's me your host Ben, I'm half fish half man!

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