About The Travelman Podcast & Important Information

Hello and welcome traveller my name is Ben and I’m the host of the Travelman Podcast & Unnatural Podcast.

I’ve been hosting the Travelman Podcast since 2017 and have enjoyed every minute of it. My podcast comes out on the last Wednesday of every month at 8pm AEST, so be sure to make sure to check your podcast feed for any new episodes.

I have a new podcast called Unnatural Podcast which I host with Steve from Thinking Sideways, it’s a spooky, weird, strange podcast with stories that you wouldn’t believe are real. Episodes release every Thursday night at 8pm EAST mornings and afternoons in Europe and USA. You can listen to Unnatural Podcast on all podcast apps, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, you name it. Direct link to listen to the podcast through the host Libsyn.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife and two cats. They’re a handful, both the wife and the cats, I love them all. I’m glad you’ve found my website and podcast, as I want to share my love of travelling with you and the love I have of being educated by other travellers telling me their stories about their travels.

I feel that with every guest I have on the podcast, I learn a little bit more about travel and get inspired to travel to different and exotic locations. I do have a full-time job outside of podcasting, so like you, I will have to wait till I have accrued holidays to go on any more future trips. But what is helpful is, that I run my own business and my wife is the boss of her business. This allows us to travel more frequently.

So traveller, saying that please stay a while and see what you can find. I’d love to entertain you with stories about my trips and others I’ll meet along the way. I’ll also give you handy travel hints and info that will help your travel adventures, like my travel guides section above, so please check them out.

There are many ways to start listening to the podcast. You can subscribe above on iTunes or listen to me at my home on Libsyn. If you’re an Android user you can download Podcast Addict, which is my favourite podcast app. Or if you love to stream your music I’m on Spotify, just look up Travelman Podcast. And if that’s too hard click here and listen to the podcast online.

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