Welcome to the Travelman Podcast!

Don't miss some of the most interesting and engaging travel stories on the internet, with lots of humour along the way. Hosted by Ben your travel buddy!

About the podcast

Welcome traveller my name is Ben and I host the Travelman Podcast. I see that you have travelled far and wide and arrived here at my humble website. Thank you for joining me.

Please stay a while and see what you can find. I’d love to entertain you with stories about my trips and others. I’ll also give you handy travel hints and info along the way so please join me.

There are many ways to start listening to the podcast. You can subscribe above on iTunes or listen to me at my home on Libsyn. If you’re an Android user you can download Podcast Addict, which is my favourite podcast app. Or if you love to stream your music I’m on Spotify, just look up Travelman Podcast. And if that’s too hard click here and listen to the podcast online.

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